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Almost forty years ago The Wood Brewery was founded by the Wood family in the former stables of the Plough Inn, in the South Shropshire village of Wistanstow.

Wood’s was one of the founding members of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and a firm supporter of CAMRA – the campaign for real ale. At a time when there was a surge of keg beer companies flooding the market and threatening the existence of traditional English ale, Wood’s championed the traditionally brewed product and ensured it remained a firm favourite in the county.

Wood’s has been at the forefront of Shropshire brewing since then and continues to be after it was taken over by new owners in 2018. The new owners have worked with the existing team to make a range of impactful and progressive changes to the brewing process and quality control, to ensure that Wood’s beer is of the highest possible quality. By continuing to make consistent and innovative products, the brewery can remain successful in an increasingly crowded market place.

The changes have also included a brand update, with new logo and an overhaul of the Wood’s aesthetic seen in their pubs. Alongside their famous flagship ales, Shropshire Lad and Shropshire Lass, Wood’s have launched a range of new beers for the region and beyond.

Stephen O’Neill, joint managing director at Wood’s, comments, “For the last forty years Wood’s has stood for quality, real ale. We continue to be dedicated to taking great care throughout our production process – carefully selecting our natural raw ingredients, attentively hand brewing the beers and faithfully delivering the finished product to the network of pubs and shops whom sell our quality beers.

“The Wood’s ethos is about being proud of our heritage and region, so we are doing everything we can to keep producing great Shropshire beers, and celebrate our love of local pubs. By championing and supporting our local pubs we keep a British institution alive, and preserve our community hubs. Quality is integral to what we produce, and community is key to what we stand for.”

The Wood Brewery is committed to keep producing great beer in the county and continuing its support of our local pubs and community. The brewery looks forward to celebrating its 40th birthday next year.