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Wood’s welcome Budget’s beer boost

We welcome the Chancellor’s Budget measures to cut a penny off a pint and to abolish the unpopular beer duty escalator which has gradually pushed up the price of draught beer in the pub.

MD Edward Wood said: “We are delighted that the Chancellor has listened to the many voices calling for an end to the escalator, which included cash-strapped drinkers, struggling licensees and a growing number of MPs across the politial divide.”

“A pint of beer in the pub should be an affordable pleasure rather than an occasional treat, and by cutting duty, the Government is ensuring that draught beer – a relatively low-alcohol drink – remains Britain’s favourite tipple, as it has been for centuries.”

“This move will generate growth and jobs in brewing, one of Britain’s few remaining manufacturing industries, and in pubs – both sectors that employ high numbers of young people. The revenue to the Treasury from this investment will far outweigh whatever they might have earned from beer duty.”

Edward added: “As a small, local brewer, we benefit from Government investment in the form of Small Breweries’ Relief, which enables us to invest in our brewery, employ local people and contribute to the local economy.”