The Beers

Wood’s are proud to produce a range of traditionally brewed beers to appeal to a wide variety of palates. Each beer gives you a real taste of Shropshire, our home.

For instance, Wood’s Quaff (cask only) has been especially designed as a traditional amber session beer with a well-balanced bitter and malt flavour but at a strength that won’t have you reeling.

We have mid-range golden winners like Pot o’ Gold (voted the Britain’s Best Bitter) and Hopping Mad, both available in cask or bottle, to satisfy those seeking a characterful and lingering flavour. Then of course there are our established best sellers, Shropshire Lad and Shropshire Lass. Both are highly successful and they offer contrasting but complementary flavour experiences!

At the stronger end, long-established premium beers like Wonderful (cask only) and Christmas Cracker (cask and bottle) offer full-flavoured drinks to be enjoyed at the drinker’s leisure, in a slow and relaxed manner.

The constants in all of Wood’s traditionally brewed beers are

  • The care with which the natural raw ingredients are selected (from local producers where possible) and used
  • The care with which they are mixed and hand-brewed, racked off and stored (see our Brewing Process Guide on this page)
  • The careful delivery to the network of pubs and shops that sell our beers.

Click on the links to see our Cask Beers, Bottled Beers and Seasonal Beers.