Are You the Shropshire



thanks for taking part in our 2018 shropshire quest! 

The Wood Brewery has been running the Shropshire Quest to find our Shropshire Lad and Lass ALL summer and have finally crowned the Shropshire Lad and Lass!

Starting at the Shrewsbury Food Festival and then travelling to locations across Shropshire over the summer, proud Salopians took part in the quest!

Each heat Winner (Lad and Lass) from the individual locations won win dinner for 2 at the Wood Brewery and  are were taken forward to the grand final at Shropshire Oktoberfest on Saturday 6th October 2018 in the Shrewsbury Quarry Park!

Each grand final winner will receive:

- £2000 in cash
- A brand new car for a month (Thanks to VOLVO SHREWSBURY)
- Membership of LOVE FITNESS
- Membership of The SHREWSBURY CLUB 
- Dinner for two at the MYTTON AND MERMAID 

MEET THE Winners!

This is where we travelled...

Here's a list of the festivals we've  attended this summer:

23rd / 24th June
Shrewsbury Food Festival, Shrewsbury 

14th July
Newport Show, Newport

28th July 
Cider and Sausage Festival, Shrewsbury 

4th August 
Oswestry Food Festival, Oswestry

7th - 9th September
Ludlow Food Festival, Ludlow

15th September 
Bash at the Brewery, The Wood Brewery

5th - 7th October
Shropshire Oktoberfest, Shrewsbury 

PLUS our online entries!


Name: KELLY JONES  Age: 33

Occupation: HCA for the NHS

Hobbies:  I am mum to 3 children, I play netball for a local team, where we play in league in Ludlow.

Why are you the Ultimate Shropshire Lass?:  Because .... since the age of 4 I have lived in Wistanstow, the home of woods brewery. Aswell as going for walks around our beautiful village as well as the rest of Shropshire.

Your Local Pub: The Plough Inn

Favourite Wood's Beer: Shropshire Lass

What would you spend the prize money on?:  I would put it towards a deposit for a house. But not before taking a little out to go down to the local first.


Name: JACK BYWATER  Age: 21

Occupation:  Business Owner at Darwin Media

Hobbies:  Football, cricket, running, cycling, photography/filmmaking

Why are you the Ultimate Shropshire Lad?:  I’m the Shropshire lad as I embrace on every opportunity which comes about in the Shropshire area, whether that is cycling over the Stiperstones, going for a walk up the Wrekin or filming the amazing surroundings which Shropshire has to offer and telling a story through the lens. This Shropshire lad has a lot to offer!

Your Local Pub: The Armoury

Favourite Wood's Beer: Shropshire Lad

What would you spend the prize money on?: 1) Investing in my recent business venture Darwin Media to produce higher quality of work for my clients by investing in specialist equipment. 2) Take the whole family (grandparents, cousins!) out for a meal! On me!