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Our Olympian beer in the Commons

Edward Wood (right) enjoys a beer with Simon MacVicker

We will notch up an Olympic milestone on July 16 when W•P•B Athletes’ Ale, which we brewed for the Wenlock Olympian Society to celebrate Much Wenlock’s famous Olympian roots, goes on sale in the House of Commons.

We got the order after Simon MacVicker of the Wenlock Olympian Society met Ludlow constituency MP, Philip Dunne. Simon explained how the Olympians had asked us to come up with the beer, which we launched at the Brookes memorial in Much Wenlock in September 2011.

We’re delighted the House has ordered our beer so close to the start of the Olympics. It’s not only timely for the games, but it links to William Penny Brookes and the Wenlock Olympian Games, which have been the inspiration for the modern day Olympic Games. And of course it’s a great beer!!!!

In line with a lot of brews done for local organisations, we are donating 5p to the Wenlock Olympian Society for every pint of Athletes’ Ale sold through free houses in Shropshire and the surrounding counties.