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Hopping Mad

Single Hop Blonde Beer - 4.4% Alc. Vol.

Bottled Beers / Year Round Beers / Available all year

WB24931 Hopping Mad LR

As this is not available all year round in draught form, the zesty bitterness of this single hop (Progress) varietal beer can be enjoyed at any time in a bottle.

Some years ago, the U.K. hop industry organized an annual competition for beers featuring British hops. In one of the earliest they looked for a beer with a single hop variety. We chose Progress and created Hopping Mad which was duly awarded a Silver medal. We happened to like the beer as well and it has remained on our list as a seasonal beer available bottled throughout the year.

Available Springtime on draught and occasionally at other times.  Bottled  all year round.